Course Descriptions – DSCI 493/593

DSCI 493/593 Sustainable Business Operations

St. Louis University St. Louis, MO

Sustainability Definition:

“Development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” U.N. Bruntland Commission 1983

Course Description:

Green business operations and sustainability are becoming increasingly important in the US and global economy as companies attempt to grapple with competing pressures in order to deliver goods and services in an environment where scarce natural and energy resources, pollution regulations, population growth and climate change are driving corporate decision-making. Thos businesses who adapt to this new environment will be better positioned to succeed in the global economy where demand for “green” products is increasing exponentially. Environment and energy constraints are becoming increasingly in company’s efforts to manage their operations here and abroad. In addition, social responsibility has become the watchword in many a corporate boardroom. In as much as companies can lower their costs relative to their competitors and differentiate their products and services the chances of business success will increase greatly. This course is designed as a survey of green business operating principles, sustainability, and social responsibility issues that will impact decision-making of the business leaders of the future.